JVC mountain bikers,

6:40 is now the time for the pool parking lot regroup. (see map)

 If the weather holds, we will ride off road Thursday.

WHERE: Rockport Park – Pool parking lot

WHEN: Be ready to ride at 6:00 pm

All 1st time riders are welcome, come and join in the fun!

2nd time riders must be JVC members: https://veloclub.org/register/

The group will most likely split into at least two groups (“Race” and “Casual”).

  • Race Group – Riders choosing to ride in the “Race” group should keep in mind that they are responsible for themselves and that the group may not stop to regroup or wait for slower riders.
  • Casual Group – Riders choosing to ride in the “Casual” group are expected to keep the group intact.  This means riders in the “Casual” group should either occasionally stop and wait for the slowest riders to catch up – OR – be willing to ride the slowest rider’s pace.

All groups will regroup twice during the evening.  This gives riders who are not able to be in the pool parking lot by 6:00 two chances to meet the group at later times, it also gives riders who have lost their groups chances to find them again.

  • 6:40Regroup at the pool parking lot, where the ride started.
  • 7:15 – Regroup at the top of Onion Hill

The ride will be cancelled if it rains after 10:00 am day of ride. 

Please be considerate of your fellow riders by being prepared, by being prompt, and by only riding off-road when the conditions are appropriate.  Please also be respectful of fellow park and trail users.  

We hope to see you tomorrow!
Bob & Ken

Location map: