Janesville Velo Club, Inc By-Laws/Constitution

Article I Name

The name of this organization shall be the Janesville Velo Club, Inc (hereinafter referred to as JVC).

Article II Purpose

The purpose of the JVC is to promote and encourage the use of the bicycle as a means of recreation and transportation; to develop a physically fit, self reliant, well informed citizen; to uphold and support the rights of bicyclists; to encourage the use of facilities for bicycling on public lands; and to provide information in the interests of bicycling safety.

Article III Executive Committee Officers and Duties

Section 1

The officers of the JVC shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The rest of the Executive Committee shall be made up of club members.

Section 2

It shall be the duty of the President or assigned representative to preside at all meetings of the JVC.

Section 3

It shall be the duty of the Secretary to prepare and keep the minutes of all meetings, maintain a record of correspondence concerning the JVC business, and to have custody of all records and files of the JVC. Maintaining membership lists and preparing the mailing of correspondence, membership cards, brochures and recruitment materials will be with this office.

Section 4

The duties of the Treasurer are outlined as follows: To receive and distribute JVC funds as deemed necessary by the Executive Committee, deposit such funds to the credit of the JVC in a manner prescribed by the Executive Committee Members, pay all bills due and approved, prepare and membership cards for those members in good standing, keep books of accounts of all receipts and disbursements, and to prepare reports of the JVC financial status at least annually.

Article IV Executive Committee

Section 1

The Executive Committee shall be the governing body of the JVC. It shall be the duty of the assigned Committee to be responsible for and to the JVC in all matters.

Section 2

The Executive Committee shall hold such meetings as they deem necessary, and the President, or any two members of the Executive Committee may at any time call a meeting of the Committee, provided that all members of the Committee have been notified at least five days in advance of said meeting.

Section 3

A majority of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum.

Section 4

The Executive Committee shall be responsible for addressing all factors affecting the ability of bicyclist to ride safely and responsibly.

Article V Membership

Membership in the JVC is open to all persons who support its By-Laws/Constitution. The JVC does not discriminate in admitting members according to their race, nationality, age, sex, creed, religion, or riding capability.

Article VI Membership Meetings

Section 1

Membership meetings shall be held at a minimum of three times per year; additional meetings may be scheduled or called at the discretion of the President.

Section 2

The JVC shall hold an annual meeting between December 1 and April 1 at which the election of officers shall be held.

Section 3

The voting membership shall consist of all JVC members who are 18 years of age or older.

Article VII Membership and dues

Section 1

Individuals under the age of 18 must have approval of their parent or guardian in writing to become a member of the JVC. An adult must accompany each member under the age of 15 under specific predetermined arrangements at all JVC activities.

Section 2

All members and guests of the JVC shall wear a CPSC, ANSI, or SNELL approved bicycle helmet on any ride sanctioned or hosted by the JVC.

Section 3

Memberships are due annually on January 1 and not pro-rated.

Section 4

Dues shall be determined by the Executive Committee and shall be presented to the membership for approval on the last meeting of the clubs fiscal year.

Section 5

Membership is through March 31st of the following year with renewal starting January 1st. Payment of dues is a requirement of voting at a meeting or holding an elected office.

Section 6

All members and guests shall be required to sign an assumption of risk form (online waiver).

Section 7

Life and Honorary Members shall be those considered by the Executive Committee and the members as deserving such special distinction.

Section 8

Responsibilities of all members: Always display positive qualities such as leadership, good sportsmanship, good conduct and a commitment to the cycling community. Members will always obey the appropriate rules and policies dependent on their activity including but not limited to IMBA Rules of the Trail, USA Cycling Rulebook, Wisconsin Bicycle Laws as summarized by the Bike Federation of Wisconsin and safety policies of the Janesville Velo Club. Good manners and a positive attitude are a hallmark of the club. Members will represent the team at any organized ride with the proper club attire.

Section 9

Suspension and expulsion: If any member violates any of the JVC ByLaws/Constitution, or if any member’s conduct or action becomes detrimental to the welfare and interest of the JVC or its members, such member’s privileges shall be temporarily deprived and the member will be referred to the Executive Committee for further action.

Article VIII Amendment

These By-Laws/Constitution may be amended upon the action of two thirds of the voting membership present at a regular JVC membership meeting, the voting membership acting upon an amendment previously endorsed by the majority of the present voting members, providing membership notification.

Article IX

Rules of Order

Section 1

The order of business at regular meetings shall be:

1. Call to order

2. Reading of the minutes

3. Treasurers report

4. Committee reports

5. Old business

6. New business

7. Program

8. Adjournment

Section 2

The rules of order of the JVC shall be Robert’s Rules of Order. Amended to include the office of Vice President in 2008. Amended 1/3/2011