About Youth MTB

Mission Statement

To provide students, that have the desire to mountain bike, with the coaching and camaraderie that will help them to achieve both non-competitive and competitive goals in a safe and enjoyable manner.


Club Overview

The Janesville Youth Mountain Bike Club was created by the Janesville Velo Club as a way to provide middle and high school students a safe and fun way to learn the sport of cycling. The Club is committed to providing a positive experience for all students, regardless of ability level. 

We are a member of the Wisconsin High School Cycling League and the National Interscholastic Cycling Association. Our program seeks to strike a balance between being a competitive individual and team sport while retaining some gentler recreation club qualities. We have incorporated "Adventure Weekends" into the season to keep the emphasis on fun and friendship. All Rock County Students from 6th grade to 12th grade are eligible to join and ride with us.

Student members are welcome to ride only for the fun, fitness and camaraderie that mountain biking provides. However the club will also strive to build a competitive cycling team and compete in the Wisconsin High School Cycling League. For athletes new to cycling, immediate immersion into training, racing, and the pressure to perform may be intimidating. The League has scheduled races for late August, September and October, enabling all students to receive 2-3 months training on the mountain bike before any racing takes place. Developing safe riding skills will be the first emphasis of club practices.

Members are invited to participate in Wisconsin High School Cycling League races. The Wisconsin league is a member of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) who sanctions leagues and races held throughout the country. These events provide student athletes an arena in which to set and accomplish competitive goals, and do their personal best. Professional race promotion, timing, course preparation and risk management ensures every participating student athlete is given a fun, safe, and fast environment.

The League has carefully designed individual racing classes. Racers are are pitted only against peers of similar ability and experience. Boys and girls have separate races and are split into do beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. Each school’s coach does their best to carefully place riders in the appropriate category. Racers are scored individually and on a team basis. Girl’s scores and boy’s scores are added together in the team computation. The Wisconsin League is concentrating on girl participation and the Janesville club/team will focus on being girl friendly.

At practices, members enjoy action packed practices lead by mountain bike coaches specially trained to NICA standards. The NICA Coaches Program is designed to ensure all coaches are sufficiently knowledgeable in order to have a positive impact on student-athletes. The program includes professional education, first aid, background screening and field work requirements at varying levels for the four license levels.

Cyclist and parents are encouraged to volunteer for "Ride Leader" duties. Parent "Ride Leaders" participating in practices will create lifelong memories and bonds with their kid(s). Ride Leaders are invaluable to practices, they allow the creation of multi-level group rides and increased quanity of student participants. Ride Leader/student ratios are carefully monitored to ensure a safe, instructive, enjoyable and challenging experience. The number of Ride Leaders directly effects the number of student riders that can safely participate in rides.

Club Goals

  1. 1.    To teach beginners safe riding practice, an understanding of the sport and to give them a fun and challenging cycling experience.
    2.    Have intermediate riders advance both their fitness and skill level.
    3.    To have the advanced riders increase proficiency and develop and earn top honors at races.
    4.    Develop an awareness of the mechanics and care of the mountain bike with preventative maintenance and increasing the comfort level with unplanned repairs on trails.
    5.    Create an environment in which they may discover new friendships and role models.
    6.    Guide students towards learning new skills as confidence soars.
    7.    Foster a responsible attitude toward the use and care of trails.
    8.     Encourage parents and kids to experience the sport, building fitness and  creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Race Team Goals

  • 1.    We strive to create competitive local high school race teams. We believe with proper training and practice any member will become proficient enough to enjoy racing in the Wisconsin High School Cycling League.
    2.    We strive to create a Janesville Craig High School Race Team.
    3.    We strive to create a Janesville Parker High School Race Team.
    4.    We strive to create a Rock County Composite High School Race Team. Eligible members  include any high or middle school students  from Rock County, including from public, charter or virtual schools.