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We have rides for all abilities, from fun, smell the roses to "make em hurt" competitive!

We also have maps for on your own road exploration of the area and suggestions for the best MTB trails close by.

First timer riders are welcome to join our group rides without any waiver requirements. However our insurance requires you to sign our standard release waiver for all subsequent rides. If you plan on attending more than one ride please sign our waiver.

Co-Ed Ride Schedule

Monday - Friday Flag Pole Ride (AM road) -Text Announced
Tuesday Touring Road (PM road) - Email Announced
Tuesday Tempo (PM road) - Email Announced
Tuesday Race (PM road) - Email Announced
Thursday Touring Daytime (AM road) - Email Announced
Thursday MTB (PM off-road) - Email Announced
Saturday Breakfast Ride (AM road) - Email Announced

Ride Rules

Ride Rules
We encourage (and expect) the following from members and non-members alike on each of our rides:

1. Sign our waiver of liability.
2. Wear a helmet at all times.
3. Demonstrate courtesy to motorists and fellow riders.
4. Observe all traffic signals and applicable laws.
5. Respect the intended pace of the ride.
6. Respect the Ride Leader. 7.Riders should ride no more than two abreast unless passing to the front or rear of the peloton.
8. Riders should ride as far to the right hand side of the road as practical.
9. Riders should slow for intersections and stop at intersections with stop signs. Riders should not run red lights.

Womens Ride Schedule

Monday PM Rosie Riders - Facebook announced
Wednesday PM MTB (off-road) - Email Announced
Sunday AM CLR -Facebook announced