JVC Race Group


Meets at Palmer Park
To receive the weekly ride route map join the JVC email list. This ride is targeted at riders who wish to improve their road racing skills. There are times when the group will lay nice and stay together, but at other times the riders will test themselves and you with attacks, counterattacks and breakaways . This is a race oriented ride and riders may be dropped from this group. It is a good idea to bring a ride map if you are not familiar with the local roads.
We use double, single and circular pacelines during most of our riding. If you are unfamiliar with these techniques perhaps you should consider joining the "Tempo Group" instead. At the very least become familiar with pacelines by reading the "Pacelines 101" document.

Free For All

Riders ride together and the pace is determined by the riders. Often the pace explodes for 5-10 minutes and then usually slows and regroups. Hills are often hammered and afterwards the pace relaxes and everyone regroups. There is no real control during the “Free for All” rides and often people are dropped and spread solo all over the countryside. It may be important to have a map these nights. If dropped look behind you, wait for other riders and form a mini-group of your own.

Mini-group Pacelines

We divide into mini-groups, usually 4-6 riders, where mini-group members have relatively equal abilities. We then ride in single file pace-lines and circles Each mini-group rides at a pace they can maintain for 30-60 minutes. At various times during the ride the group will sit-up and relax in order to allow everyone to get in some recovery. In a 4-man group each rider is pulling 25% (threshold or slightly anaerobic) and sitting on 75% (under aerobic threshold). Riders thus develop their aerobic capacity and handling skills. This ride is our standard ride during the spring (March, April & May).

Hill Workouts

We usually divide into equal ability mini-groups of 4-6. We ride the hills at a high effort. At the top of the hill riders recover and allow for their mini-group to reform. These rides usually take place during the summer season.