JVC Winter Challenge

JVC Winter Challenge

How hard-core are you?  Can you ride your bike outdoors one day in January (a minimum of 5 miles) and one day in February?  How about 5 miles in a day once a week?  What about riding 5 miles every day from January 1st through the end of February?  Others have done it, so what about you?  Think you can ride more than 5 miles in a day?  Go for it!  The challenge is to ride your bicycle outdoors on as many days as you can at least 5 miles a day (more is better) in January and February.  Sound simple?  Well then use the link below, read the rules, submit the form, and accept the Challenge!

The Challenge is Also a Fundraiser

Help us raise funds by encouraging your friends & family to make pledges on the number of days and/or miles you ride during the 2-month challenge period. Not up to the challenge of winter riding or soliciting pledges but want to support our cause? Use the ‘Sign Up / Donate’ link below to make a donation. Funds are used by the Janesville Velo Club to support:


  • Bicycling-related advocacy efforts
  • Improve cycling opportunities in southern Wisconsin
  • Provide youth developement through the Youth Mountain Bike Team.
  • Rockport Park Mountain Bike / Singletrack Trail System.
  • Janesville's Paved Trail. Janesville Town Square Gran Prix (downtown pro race)
  • Bicycle Maintenance Program for local youth groups.
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