JVC Winter Challenge

JVC Winter Challenge

How hard-core are you?  Can you ride your bike outdoors one day in January (a minimum of 5 miles) and one day in February?  How about 5 miles in a day once a week?  What about riding 5 miles every day from January 1st through the end of February?  Others have done it, so what about you?  Think you can ride more than 5 miles in a day?  Go for it!  The challenge is to ride your bicycle outdoors on as many days as you can at least 5 miles a day (more is better) in January and February.  Sound simple?  Well then use the link below, read the rules, submit the form, and accept the Challenge!

The Challenge is Also a Fundraiser

Help us raise funds by encouraging your friends & family to make pledges on the number of days and/or miles you ride during the 2-month challenge period. Not up to the challenge of winter riding or soliciting pledges but want to support our cause? Use the ‘Sign Up / Donate’ link below to make a donation. Funds are used by the Janesville Velo Club to support:


  • Bicycling-related advocacy efforts
  • Improve cycling opportunities in southern Wisconsin
  • Provide youth developement through the Youth Mountain Bike Team.
  • Rockport Park Mountain Bike / Singletrack Trail System.
  • Janesville's Paved Trail. Janesville Town Square Gran Prix (downtown pro race)
  • Bicycle Maintenance Program for local youth groups.

How To's

This year we are doing things a little differently and will be using an online application to handle registration, activities, and donations. The web site is called Project Njord and was developed specifically with this event in mind. Please follow the instructions below to register for this year's event.
  • Visit the Winter Challenge Event here: https://projectnjord.com/Events/Event?eventID=d19cceb1-b29d-405c-965c-a7a715b691b8
  • Read about the event, the rules, and waiver by navigating the respective tabs.
  • Register as a participant by clicking the green Register button.
  • You will need to create an account on the Project Njord site to register for the Winter Challenge. This allows you to track your donations, add activities, and get placed on the results leaderboard.
  • Check your email for a confirmation link. If you don't see it right away check your junk mail.
  • Once you have a Project Njord account, you can register for the event by filling out the required information.
  • You will receive a confirmation email upon registration, and the web site will notify of successful registration.
  •  After you have registered for the event, you can share your personalized donation link from your dashboard. You can share this link via social media, email, or any other digital communication.
  • Finally, when January 1st arrives, you can start adding activities as you bike outdoors. These activities allow us to calculate the event leaders and it allows sponsors to make pledges per mile and per day.

Your personal dashboard can be accessed here https://projectnjord.com/dashboard after registering.

If you have any questions feel free to contact the Janesville Velo Club.

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