About JVC

About the JVC

The Velo Club started in the 1890's as a men’s-only club riding high wheelers. Today it is open to everyone. In addition to the weekly ride schedule, the club represents cyclists' interests in the community. If you enjoy cycling and are interested in pursuing a more social aspect of the sport or as a form of exercise, consider joining one of the many local rides. You will feel the camaraderie and encouragement that comes from riding with experienced and skillful cyclists with years of open road and off road experience.

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One reason for joining the Janesville Velo Club is the opportunity to meet bike riders in the Janesville area. There is much more than "what can the club do for me." Anyone who joins the club is expressing support for a healthy activity that is good for our environment. Also, the club becomes a voice in the community who represents cyclists, someone to express the needs of local cyclists. Plus, JVC Members receive 10% off non- sale items at Michael's Cycles.

Finally there is a sense of community, of belonging to a group that enjoys bicycling. It is fun to be riding and enjoying the scenery, to be a member of a smoothly functioning paceline during a road ride or navigating over and around rocks and tree limbs on an exciting downhill during a mountain bike ride, and to enjoy the camaraderie that happens during a club ride.

Step 1

You must complete (annually) our Liability waiver. A waiver must be completed for every riding "Family" member.

Step 2

Pay (annually) your dues, either online or by mailing a check.

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