Join us for Tuesday night road rides, wheels out at 5:30 from Palmer Park. With northwesterly winds in the forecast, routes will head out in that general direction and have the wind at our backs to hopefully make the return trip home easier.

The Tempo group (16-17+ mph) will be led by Sonni and have a 48 mile “Stebbinsville” route planned. The Touring group (14-15 mph) will be led by Doug V with a similar but shorter 39 mile route planned.

As road conditions, ride paces and weather will vary, these routes may be changed on the fly by the ride leaders. Stay near and listen to the leaders for announcements during the ride.

Both Tempo and Touring planned routes are listed in this link:

Sunset will occur about 8:35, bring your water bottles and blinky lights. Hope to see you on the road!