The following email was sent out this morning to the School District of Janesville Physical Education Coordinator, the teacher for summer school who ran the Summer School Triathlon, all elementary and middle school PE teachers and a coordinator that helps students find volunteer opportunities needed to graduate.  This is just an FYI so you are aware we reached out.  Anything you could do to send out to your clubs to promote participation and volunteering would be great.  Thanks for your partnership.

Dear School District of Janesville School Staff,

If you are receiving this you are someone involved in fostering a lifestyle of health and fitness, more specifically including running, cycling, or swimming.  The City of Janesville has many Partnerships Programs supporting healthy lifestyles.  This event we are partnering with Velocity Multi-Sport & Cycling, Janesville Velo Club and Phoenix Club.  Our intent of contact is twofold. 

First, we need more participants.  Currently we have 34.  If you could send this interest out to anyone that is between the ages of 7-12 which you feel would be interested in participating, we would greatly appreciate it.  Registration closes August 14, so anything you could do to promote this event quickly, would add to its success. 

The link for registration is:

Secondly, we need volunteers who are passionate about running, cycling or swimming to assist the day of the event Saturday, August 27.  Volunteers would need to be available from 7:15 am to 11:15 am.  It would be wonderful to have some “big kids” from the middle school or high school there supporting and promoting their love for this lifestyle by volunteering.  Additionally, seeing those that coach these sports.  Volunteer hours could be used towards graduation.  We would be happy to provide any documentation needed.  Coaches, if you could please send this out to your student athletes it is the most powerful message for older students to model and promote healthy and active lifestyles to younger students. 

All volunteers would need to complete a volunteer form. The volunteer form is here: Volunteer Interest Form | Janesville, WI (; for number 2 have them check Recreation Division Special Events and Programs and in the box type Kids Triathlon.

Below is the flyer regarding the event.  Please contact me with any questions.  We really would appreciate your support in anyway you can.  If you have questions, please reach out via email or give me a call.  Thanks!

Becky Lee

City of Janesville

Administrative Assistant – Recreation

18 N. Jackson Street

Janesville, WI 53548

(608) 755-3030