Hello Rockport volunteers,

The singletrack trails in Rockport need some love, and I’m hoping you’re willing to give some to the trails we enjoy so much and help trim back the arm-grabbers, face-slappers and shin-rubbers. With that in mind…

Instead of riding Thursday night (7/21), we will meet and prune the trails.

MEET: Rockport ParkPool parking lot

WHEN: Be ready to head out onto the trails at 6:30 pm

Please wear appropriate clothing (gloves, eye protection, foot wear, long sleeves and pants) and bring loppers and/or pruners if you have them.  I have a limited number of extra tools that can be borrowed.

The mountain bike trails in Rockport are dependent on volunteers (you?) to keep them in shape for riding. If you enjoy these trails, then please help Thursday!

It seems as though the mosquitos are out so prepare accordingly.

I hope to see you Thursday night!

Bob Schlegel


(608) 752-7676 (Ext. 14)