Dear JVC members,
Tomorrow evening 1-13-21 at 630 pm will be our annual meeting virtually, please feel free to attend.

The 2021 slate of officers will be presented for approval.

  • Paul Murphy – President
  • Bob Schlegel – Vice President
  • Tina Liebetrau- Treasurer
  • Sonni Klipp- Secretary

Janesville Velo Club – Meeting Agenda for January 13, 2021 at 6:30 pm

Meeting Call to Order

Review and approve December 14, 2020 minutes

Old Business: 

  • Approval of 2021 Slate of Officers from Paul Murphy
  • Winter Challenge 2020 Update from Bob Schlegel
  • Palmer Park Off Road Course update from Bob Schlegel and Ken Pearson

New Business:

  • Presentation of Club Financials Treasurer Report from Tina Liebetrau

Items Not on the Agenda

Motion to Adjourn