Hello JVC members!

First, I apologize if you receive this multiple times, but wanted to make sure everyone receives this information.

I would like to thank Paul Murphy for all the efforts he has made to improve cycling in our area. The list of things he has accomplished that benefit every cyclist in our community is impressive! Whether you’re a casual rider, experienced rider, road racer, mountain biker, commuter, or have kids who ride, Paul has been involved in some kind of local project that you will reap benefits from for many years to come. Not only does Paul deserve our gratitude, he has definitely earned the right to step away from the role he graciously accepted seven(!!!) years ago. Well done Paul!

Having said all that, I ask that all club members consider helping us fill the open position. Please keep in mind that our new president will NOT need to be involved in all the projects that Paul worked on and will NOT need to serve for 7 years (1 would be great!). Your club just needs someone (you?) who is willing to lead our off-season (fall/winter) monthly meetings. Any more than that is a bonus!

Most of the programs Paul initiated now have someone who will continue working on them. There is a great core group of JVC members who each have their ‘pet’ projects. Those projects will continue without needing our new President’s constant attention. And at this point, any programs that do not have a leader may just fade away.

Do you have something you would like to see the club doing? Seize this opportunity and GET INVOLVED! Thanks to Paul’s efforts, the club has never been stronger, has never been more respected by our city’s leaders, and has never been better equipped to do what you want it to do!

I pledge that whoever is the next JVC President will have my support and admiration. I love this club and all its members! Let’s keep a good thing going!


Bob Schlegel