Thursday at 9:00 am starting from the Palmer Park Wading Pool

What is the casual ride?  This is a slower paced daytime ride for those able to ride an average of 12 miles per hour.

How far does the ride travel? The typical ride is 16 miles, the distance covered increases as the season progresses.  Last year, rides in the fall, were travelling 24 miles.  Much depends on the endurance and skill of the slowest rider.  No rider is left behind.

Where does it ride? The ride uses the City of Janesville trail system and ventures into the country side on lesser travelled rural roads.  There are hills.  Walking up a hill is encouraged.

I am a “new” rider, how can I tell if I will make it?  The first portion of the ride uses the trail system, it gives you a chance to test it out.  If you find the average speed of 12 miles per hour is too much, notify the ride leader and you will be escorted to the start.

What do I need? A bicycle – including mountain bikes, eBikes, tandems, road bikes, recumbents and even unicycles.  The confidence to try 16+ miles. Finally, a helmet is required.