JVC Tuesday Race and Tour Group Riders,

All Tuesday JVC group rides will meet at Palmer Park by the wading pool at 5:30 PM.

Sunset is about 8:00.

Most of the rides will be pushing daylight into dusk, so…
Make sure you have working blinkys on your bike.

The JVC has decided to do the Tuesday Group ride format different this year.
We are going to have one route for both the Race and Tour groups. The plan is for everyone to start together and ride the first 3 miles together. Then riders who wish to go faster should ride off the front so that two groups will be formed. Riders who prefer a casual no drop type of ride should hang back and let the group split. I expect the Race ride will do the longer route. Tour Riders will need to decide for themselves which ride is appropriate.

Have fun,

The Race and Tour Group route map: