March 31, 2022 marks the final day of valid 2021 memberships. If you’ve been a member of JVC in the past or considering a new membership, we would enjoy your participation. Each and every member helps JVC to bolster the positive impact this club has on our local cycling community. Please visit, create or log into your account, and renew your membership ($15 single, $20 family) for 2022 by making payment to JVC through PayPal. Payment by check can also be mailed to the club’s P.O. Box 1601, Janesville, WI 53547.

JVC By-laws: Article VII Membership and dues, Section 5

Membership is through March 31st of the following year with renewal starting January 1st. Payment of dues is a requirement of voting at a meeting or holding an elected office.

Curtis Sauser


Janesville Velo Club