WHAT: 18th annual Polar Bike Ride & Social

  • Even if you don’t ride, we’d love to have you join us! Come out, cheer on, and socialize with our 1-percenters

WHERE: Barkley’s Burgers, Brews & Dawgs (2710 W. Court St. Janesville)

  • The JVC will be providing some free refreshments for individuals who accept the Challenge on or before January 1st
  • Unvaccinated/un-boosted participants or individuals with Covid concerns should follow social distancing and mask-wearing recommendations

WHEN: Saturday, January 1st

  • Social: 11:00 – 1:30
  • Ride: 12:00 (noon) – 1:00ish

RIDE DESCRIPTION: From Barkley’s we’ll make a casual and short (about 5-6 miles) ride in the quiet neighborhood near Barkley’s on Janesville’s west side and return to Barkley’s

RIDE INFO: The Polar Bike Ride is open to all JVC members (not just Winter Challenge participants). Although it is not a requirement of the JVC Winter Challenge, it is a great way to meet other challenge participants and also see how easy it really is to ride 5 miles in a day in the middle of winter. 

WINTER CHALLENGE RULES: If you plan to accept the Challenge, or want more info about the Challenge go here to learn more.

PLEASE CONSIDER MAKING A PLEDGE: If you think it’s crazy to ride in the winter, but want to support all the wonderful things the club is doing in our community (including seeing the Palmer Park Mountain Bike Trails and Skills Area come to fruition), go here to submit your pledge.  It would be great if you could even go a step further and send the pledge link to your friends, family, and coworkers. We’ve got a lot to accomplish again this year!

I hope you’re enjoying this holiday season and hope to see you New Year’s Day!

Bob Schlegel



(608) 752-7676 (ext. 14)