Hello Mountain Bikers,

I missed the first Thursday of the month, so let’s ride out of town this Thursdsay at Camrock Park, across the river from Rockdale.
If you plan to ride with the group meet the group in the parking lot of Camrock 3 (see map) and be ready to ride by 6:00 pm

Google map
Trail map

PLEASE NOTE: A Dane County trail pass is required to ride in Camrock.  So if you don’t already have a pass, then please remember to bring money to purchase one.

The group will most likely be splitting into at least two groups (“Race” and “Casual”).  Riders choosing to ride in the “Race” group should keep in mind that they are responsible for themselves and that the group may not stop to regroup or wait for slower riders.  Riders choosing to ride in the “Casual” group are expected to keep the group intact.  This means riders in the “Casual” group should either occasionally stop and wait for the slowest riders to catch up – OR – be willing to ride the slowest rider’s pace.

The trip will likely be cancelled if it rains after 10:00 am the day of the planned ride. Depending on precipitation amount.

Check to see if the trails are open or closed here:       https://www.madcitydirt.com/

In addition to remembering trail-pass money, don’t forget to bring some money for post-ride refreshments and also to warn your spouse that it might be a little “later-than-normal” Thursday night. We usually go across the river to a Rockdale bar with a nice patio and giant burgers. I hope to see you Thursday!