The Casual Ride that will leave from Palmer Park Wading Pool on 6/3 is a new ride for those looking for a ride that averages 12 mph. The first ride was two weeks ago and I recorded the speed during the ride. Here is a description of the route.

We encountered a windy day so the first part of the ride used the bike trail to the water treament plant. It was good to get out of the wind. Travelling cross wind on Happy Hollow Rd and Sunny Lane was better but we encountered a substantial hill. At Read Road we turned north and everyone enjoyed the big push from the wind. At ride end I had an average of 11.9, certainly helped by the strong tail wind on the way home.

As the graph shows there were numerous full stops, frequently stop signs at cross streets and the times we took to regroup. Downhills were infrequent and I think the one shown on the graph is the hill under the Highway 11 Bypass.

It looks like the ride on Thursday will have a few hills, up and down. If you want to give it a try the start of the ride will use the bike trail toward the water treatment plant. You can get the feel of ride before heading west on township roads.

Start time is 9:00 a.m.