All JVC Tuesday Group Riders,

Rob Cook has agreed to lead the race ride. You all know Rob and I am sure you agree he will be a great ride leader.

All Tuesday JVC group rides will meet at Palmer Park by the wading pool at 5:30 PM.
Sunset is at 7:50?

Most of the rides will be pushing daylight into dusk, so…
Make sure you have working blinkys on your bike.

The Race and Tempo Group ride route is below.
If enough riders are present the Tempo ride will be separated from the Race ride. These two group rides are allowed to drop slower riders, so make sure you know the area or bring your own map.

The Touring Group ride is also happening on Tuesday.
No one will be dropped from this group.
The ride leader Doug will announce the route at the park.

Have fun,

The Race Group route map: