Janesville Velo Club Members,

There has recently been some conflict over the sharing of space between bikers and dog walkers in the area we call “Crazy Eight”, which is actually inside a dog exercise area. Parks Director Cullen Slapak and Parks Head of Operations Ethan Lee have proposed a fascinating  solution. The area north of Palmer drive would become dog park only and the area south of Palmer drive would mostly be bike park only (see map below). The new bike park would primarily be a replacement for the Crazy Eight, providing Janesville kids with an excellent recreational opportunity.


  1. A buffer would be maintained near the foot path that allows Woodsview Apartment residents to walk to the dog park.
  2. A buffer would be maintained between bike trails and Woodsview Apartments.
  3. Bike park area would be BMX / kid friendly.
  4. Building of non-extreme jumps, berms and wood features by the JVC could possibly be allowed.

Cullen’s plans will need approval by the Parks Advisory Committee (September?) and then by the city council (October?).

I would like to form a JVC committee to review the parks proposal. First item of business would be to walk the area and decide if it is suitable for such a project. If you are interested in helping shape the city of Janesville into a more friendly bike community let me know.

Ken Pearson