The new JVC website is up and seems to be working :).

If you receive this email, coming from the new email system, you have already joined for 2020! Thanks.

The new website is at the same address.

The new website requires a password in order to change your preferences or post to the club. Your password should already be set up. Changing preferences can include which email notifications you want to receive. Check out the groups online under notifications. If you would like to post notifications (email) to to a JVC notification group you will need permission. Permission can be granted by an administrator (me). For instance, group ride leaders, project coordinators and club officers will need permissions. If you need an email sent to the club contact me to get permission. You will probably need the instruction manual for creating emails. Let me know.

At the moment we are still using both the old and new email list. I expect by the end of April only the new system will be in use.

Ken Pearson